How to clean a glass top oven surface


I don’t know how I didn’t think of this, but, oven cleaner works beautifully on my glass top oven surface. I’ve had my oven several years and always hated how it never looked clean. I know you’re supposed to wipe up spills immediately, but that’s just the kind of cook I am so mine always looked stained. Yesterday I sprayed the top and immediately the less used burners looked better. The largest (most used) ring took a couple sprays and a final swipe with a razor blade and it’s perfect now too. I’m so pleased. It looks brand new. I wish I had taken a before shot so you could see how bad it was. ┬áNow it’s all clean. Of course, I don’t know how your top will react with oven cleaner, but mine was just fine. The cleaner I had on hand was oven/grill cleaner..

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  1. Hilary McMahon says:

    My biggest problem with cleaning the cooker was the chemicals. I am allergic to pretty much every one going, so needed something natural. In the end I was actually surprised to learn that cleaning companies, at least the decent ones, also use natural cleaners and not necessarily the highly toxic ones you read about. After recent visits from both oven cleaning sheffield and oven cleaning solihull I realised it’s more about technique and, as you so rightly put, getting the most from your natural ingredients such as bicarb, vinegar, etc. Thanks for the great tips!

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