Archive for October 1, 2012

My Yahoo inbox is ridiculous. I have over 63,205 unread emails. So, if I haven’t answered an email you’ve sent me, please forgive me. I was trying to clean it out but I only knew how to do 100 at a time. But, I have found a better way.

Go to Options
Mail Options
Under Behavior – check a scrolling list and 200 messages view

Now you can clean out more than 100 at a time. You can search for emails and it will list them all in that category. Once they are listed you can go under the cog (the cog is the little icon that looks like a flower or a cog in a wheel. Its next to the spam and trash icon near the top) and choose select all. Then you can delete all in that search. No more deleting 100 at a time.