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My cleaning cart

Okay, you know we’ve all done it.

We’ve been cleaning up in the living room and found a brush; so we march off to the bathroom to put the brush away.

While in the bathroom notice we’re out of TP; so you run off to get some TP.

Then, while in the garage getting in to my TP storage, I notice a scoop I was missing.

I pick up the scoop and take it in to the kitchen and notice the dishes are undone.

Sooooo I start the dishes.

Meanwhile, the living room never got picked up  and I’m looking around thinking nothing ever gets completed. Then it’s too late to do anything about it and  I have to run off to work and nothing got done. Except maybe the dishes if I’m lucky.

So, I came up with this nifty cart idea. It’s just a simple cart on wheels that folds flat. I got the idea while watching maid service at a hotel. They never have to run off to put something away or pick something up. Everything they need is right there with them.

The reason it works so well for me is that I never have to leave the room I’m in. I have everything I need right there. I tied a laundry bag on one side, a recycling bag on the other and a garbage bag on the back (not pictured). My cleaning supplies are in the hand tote.  I take out the tote when I get to the room I’m cleaning and use the basket to gather anything that doesn’t belong in that room. It really is quite efficient. When I get to the next room I take out anything I gathered in the basket that belongs in that room and drop it off then proceed to clean, gather, sort and move on.

Oh and one last tip. EMPTY the cart and hang it back up when you’re done. I’ve spent plenty of time looking for something I put in that cart. I just rolled the thing out the garage and dumped it off without emptying it first which is All too tempting to do. But be sure to allot enough time to empty it out and put stuff away after your last room.

Here’s a pic of the cart after a trip through my living room (pay no attention to those empty beer cans)..

Albertsons Round Up starting Wednesday

Albertsons round up starting on Wednesday. I LOVE the round up promotion.

ANY coupon less than $1 is automatically round up to $1. So, if you’re looking through your coupons and don’t think it’s worth clipping a .25 cent coupon. Think again.

There’s no limit on how many coupons you can use and you don’t have to do multiple transactions. I like it better than doublers because you don’t have to be quite as organized..

Paper Tree

I get spring fever early every year and want to bring some color into the house. This project fit the bill perfectly and was a lot of fun and super cheap! I used supplies I already had around the house.  Here’s what you need:

Scrapbook paper – If you don’t have any scrapbook paper, Walmart has awesome tablets for $5!

Floral wire – I used  26 gauge ($1.47 at Walmart)
Elmers Glue
Branches from your yard

First, go out to your yard and cut some branches and put them in a vase. I found that live branches worked better than dead ones as the dead ones would break easily.

Next, you need to make a leaf template.  I cut out two different sized leaves from a piece of cardboard.

Next, take a sheet of scrapbook paper and fold it in half.  Trace your leaf pattern using your templates.  Cut out the leaves, lots and lots of leaves.

Lay some newspaper down, take your Elmer’s glue and run a few strips on the back side of one of your leaves.  Lay a piece of floral wire down the middle of the leaf and lay the other half of the leaf on top, sandwiching the floral wire in between the two leaves. Make sure the floral wire extends at least several inches outside of the leaf, kind of like a tail.

Attach the leaves to the branches by wrapping the floral wire around the branches, like this….

Arrange the leaves in a natural leaf pattern, like this….

(See how the floral wire made it look like the leaf had a vein right down the middle, just like in nature).  Fill up your branches with your leaves till you like how it looks.  Here’s how mine turned out….I love it!


Valentine’s Wreath

Talk about super easy…you can make this wreath in less than 10 minutes. You will need two red feather boas, one foil/metallic Valentine’s garland, 3 straight pins and one styrofoam wreath form.  I bought the boas after Valentine’s Day last year on clearance at Big Lots and I used the Joann Fabrics iphone app to save 40% off of the garland and the styrofoam wreath form.  The total to make this wreath was less than $10.

I started by wrapping the boa and the garland around each other.  Then I secured one end with a pin to the wreath form and started wrapping the boa/garland around the form.  The garland was longer than the boa, so I attached another boa to the form with a pin, wrapped the garland around the boa, then wrapped the boa/garland around the form, just like I did with the first one.  I ended up having to cut the second boa almost in half as it was way longer than the rest of the garland.  I secured the end to the form with the last pin, and that’s it!  No sewing, no glueing, no measuring.  And I think its super cute!.

Easy and frugal Chili Bar for Super Bowl

Photo Courtesy of McCormick

I think I’m gonna go super easy for Super Bowl this year with a chili bar. I have a ton of beans and tomatoes on hand from last weeks QFC stock up sale. I have frozen shredded cheese from Fred Meyer a few weeks back and have a ton of potatoes and onions on hand from my Bountiful baskets. I’ve got frozen dogs and boxes Nabisco crackers that were on sale around Thanksgiving. The only thing I think I’ll need is sour cream and fritos. I can deal with that. Here’s the link to our super yummy crock pot chili.  Don’t forget to look through your stock piles when it comes to entertaining. You may very well be able to make everyone happy with what you have on hand.

I think I’ll put out

Shredded Cheese
Chopped onions
Fritos (for some reason it has to be Frito’s not tortilla chips)
Hot dogs
Baked Potatoes
Sour cream

For the cost of just a few items everyone can have what they like.  You could even make the chili vegetarian to please everyone.