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Chipotle Chicken pasta with pepper cream sauce

adobo chicken



For five years I worked in downtown Seattle. One of the very best things about working downtown is the restaurants! I found many favorites and fell in love with so many yummy recipes. One of my favorites was Dessert Fire, which used to be in Pacific Place. They had this yummy spicy chicken pasta dish that I loved. It was just the right amount of spicy and creamy.  I asked the chef for his recipe for the pasta dish and he gave it to me!  Of course, he gave me the recipes in gallons so I’ve had to do some conversions. And, the first time I made it I blew our heads off with the peppers; but I’ve learned to adjust the amounts to suit our tastes. I had a jar of roasted red peppers on hand and a can of peppers in adobo sauce so I fixed it for dinner tonight. It’s just as good as I remembered.

3T oil


1/2 red onion chopped

3T flour

1 can evaporated milk

1 C milk – or as needed to thin sauce

1 head Brocoli chopped

Penne pasta

1 T peppers in adobo sauce (or to taste. I say add a little then taste to see if you want more. Beware, it sneaks up on you and lingers)

Roasted red peppers – I used half a jar chopped

4 boneless chicken breasts-cooked

Chicken stock paste

1 tsp Black pepper


Steam or microwave broccoli till cooked but still crisp. Cook penne pasta in salted water. Add oil to skillet and cook the chicken. Remove chicken from pan and cook the onions. Add the flour and cook for a few mins to get the raw flour taste out of it. Add the evaporated milk (I used fat free) and thin it with regular milk if it’s too thick (You want it to be able to coat pasta). Add chicken stock,  black pepper, the roasted red peppers and the chipotle peppers with adobo sauce, stir. 

Add chicken, sauce and brocoli to a large bowl and toss together. Top with chopped cilantro. Dig in!!