My Garden Makes Me Happy

Even though summer was slow to start, my garden loved the cooler weather.  I have two raised beds, as you can see. I also like to mix in flowers with the veggies. There’s just something about gardening that feels like a simpler time.  I would have loved to live in pioneer times (without washing laundry by hand, and sewing everything by hand, and killing and plucking the chickens, and birthing with no drugs, and no refrigeration or electricity, and poor hygiene – but other than that I’m all for it).

Here’s some of the things I have growing….

Sweet William and Kale
Green Peppers
Early Girl Tomatoes  

A few things I’ve never grown before…..

Scarlet Runner Beans

There’s also carrots in there, and potatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, mini pumpkins, two other kinds of tomatoes and spinach.  During the fall and the winter, we dump all the “goodies” from the chicken coop into the garden and till it all under in the spring. My garden makes me happy and I LOVE it!.


  1. Rose Plated says:

    Only the pictures from your garden make me very happy! You have a very beautiful garden! Congratulations!

  2. Who will be unhappy with your garden that is full of healthy plants in it. If I have a garden like that with all those produce, I will have great satisfaction. Congratulations.

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